A Baby Mummy

March 4, 2010

How in the world could parents abandon an infant for hours, and forget to feed her?

Could someone just briefly explain to me, because I still don’t have a clue? So the parents, apparently the mother was fairly young, were addicted to playing games. I do not have any problems with it; I think it’s completely fair for the parents to enjoy their leisure time. However, they should not go over a certain degree. These ignorant, unintelligent, inhumane parents have left their child for six to twelve hours alone on average. Biologically, to keep an infant healthy, parents need to feed at least seven to eight times. That is, an infant requires almost 24/7 care from the parents. Infants are not fully developed, and thus they are vulnerable to damages and diseases.

I cannot, and will never understand how in the world they could leave an infant for countless hours. And when the parents found out that their baby died, they called police saying, “Our baby is like a mummy, help!” That is very surprising. I would have had absolutely no idea why my baby looked all skin and bones. On top of this, they ran away. They, the parents, were scared to be accused of murder. This is the end of the story, and it has to be the end.

Let us take a step back, and look at the patterns of mammals.

One commonality is that they are warm-blooded. We could take that literally and figuratively. Literally, which in this case would be biologically, mammals have warm blood. Figuratively, mammals have warm souls and hearts. Parents take care of their offspring to maximize the chance of survival. How brutal have the humans grown? What have caused us to a degree where a parent would actually throw their babies into fatal situations? This incident is against the principles of nature, and morals; I am very ashamed of the fact that I am undeniably a human, as well. Their minds and brains were brain washed by the computer games. Technology is now presenting some really devastating results, and it is giving me goose bumps. I doubt that love will be the central idea in future human societies, and hence we will run time backwards. Gradually and unnoticeably, humans will be uncivilized.

Original article: http://www.munhwa.com/news/view.html?no=2010030301071143051002


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