The most educational movie – Kung Fu Panda

April 9, 2010

Warning: If you have personal hatred towards Kung Fu Panda, I suggest you to read other blog posts that might be more suitable to you.

It’s 9:37 PM. This is like the zenith of everything: number people who are online, who are furiously finishing up their work, who are eating because their digestive system “over-functioned.” And here I am righting a blog post about my favorite movie Kung Fu Panda. I should be doing something more productive than just getting out my thoughts about Kung Fu Panda, but I thought I should listen to what my soul tells me to do.

Kung Fu Panda is not just a simple animated movie. If someone were to criticize Kung Fu Panda, I would be the advocate instead of the movie director. It’s a movie of substance. Every single word that is said by the characters is just astounding. It is teaching us a life lesson, and nobody realizes that they are actually learning, because it is so well intertwined with the funny plot line – not to mention the awesome characters.

Because the words were like “the star of the moment” in this movie, I have prepared three most inspiring quotes.

1. ‘To make something special, you just have to believe in special’ – Po’s Father

Just to give a background context, this is when Po, the panda, longs for a visit to the Jade Palace; but he knows that he is not “special” enough to attend the competition/ ceremony. As he sat sulking, his father comes along and says this quote. So, essentially, his father is trying to indicate that nobody needs to be special to reach his or her dreams; one just needs to believe in self that he/she is special. Let us ponder for a minute… THIS ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT MAKES SENSE, because there is a reason why discrimination amongst humans occurs. Because some people are more special, and they are just born with a special talent, are born with wealth, and are born in to a well-off family, they are treated well, and are considered “special.” Yet, the world is not full of those “gifted” people. There are people who try to extricate from devastating hopelessness, and melancholy. This is a quote for them, not for the gifted people. The positive attitude, positive approach, positive mind – these are factors that determine who will be special, and who will be not.

Depression (aka slump) strikes everyone in anytime at least once a year. I had to combat against myself (ironically) last semester. I had to constantly remind myself of my successful moments, and recall the diminishing feeling of achievement to remind myself that I’m like no other person that I know of. I was too unique, and special in a way that if I were to fall, I was a type of person who would be nonchalant about the bloody knee. I was a special, special person, who would always get back up. This quote reminds me of those hard times, which I should never forget for my future slump. Carol, the special girl of KIS, shall now march forward.

2. ‘Your mind is like this water my friend. When it is agitated, it becomes difficult to see. But if you allow it to settle, the answer becomes clear’ – Master Oogway

Master is indeed the master. This poignant quote gives me a quick chill on the backbone. People, oftentimes, don’t realize the importance of inner peace. When people are in state of panic and paranoia, they are blinded. All they feel at the moment is fear, and fear, and fear. But, fear of what?

They fear the fact that they are paranoid. With blinded eyes of mind, a person cannot see anything; they cannot even see themselves. In this state, nothing is effective. He or she will need to take a step back, and “let it settle,” so that he/she gets a clear view of himself.

Most KIS students, or almost all high school students, must have felt a moment when there were just too many assignments, exams, and other nasty, evil assessments, that it was impossible to start. In the state of agitation like the example above, he/she is unable to even begin. However, if one decides to line things up, take a step back, and view the bigger picture, they – the assignments – all seem very trivial, and therefore they are easier to conquer, after all.

This is known as THE skill – the skill to adapt to rapidly changing world. All depends on how one thinks, and how well an individual sees oneself. Can you see you, right now?

3. ‘One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it’ – Master Oogway

It’s the master, again. I think he accumulated too much wisdom over his hundreds of years of life. An appropriate example from the movie that follows this quote is the story of Po. In the beginning, Po refused to be the dragon warrior, but in the end, he becomes the dragon warrior. (If you watched the movie, you probably know what this former sentence means, but if you didn’t watch the movie, please watch it and come back.)

People cannot only take “flower paths.” They cannot design their life, and they cannot avoid events they don’t want to experience. Sometimes, you’ll have to take paths that are not your calling. These bitter experiences may lead to the most spectacular end, because no one has been to the future, yet.

I am one of the freshman representatives in the Student Council. But, I have never thought of this position, even the night before. I tried to avoid the competition. I was a peace-lover. I did not want to compete against my friends, yet I did it. All I used was a single pencil. When other people typed their speeches, I took a pencil and scribble down words – words that were from me, words that represented me. Then, I looked at myself, and resolutely said that I will try, but if I fail, I should not regret it. The speech was a success. It was different from other people, because the words were from me, not from an “ideal representative.” The students understood my words, and they took it by heart. I have moved the crowd with a single pencil.

I did not avoid the competition, although I fervently wanted to. I did not want to regret in the end.

I will not regret;
I will not avoid;
I will not be a coward;
because I am stronger than
what I presume.

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