What is my brain made out of?

April 9, 2010

To live as an honest student, I have to frank: I put things off as well. I am not a like the studying terminator or some sort. I have to relax, and sit back sometimes. I guess this applies to everyone. So, over the past few weeks, if I had extra time, which I don’t think I had that much, I went on a cycling trip and visited some interesting sites. One of the sites that I found on the Internet was shimshimhe.com (in English, it means bored.com). It had some fascinating psychological tests, and other statistical results of my name. In short, it’s a place to play when you don’t want to work, or have nothing to do.

One of the tests that I did was “Brain Cluster Map Test.” It outlined what types of ideas were running through my head, and which one of those occupied the most areas in my brain. Of course, this might not have been the most reliable place to get a “brain check,” but I just did it for the sake of entertainment.
The result was hilarious. According to the background information on the site – which is not the best place to rely on – it said that the results were taken from the general population with the same name. So, for instance, they have actually tested all people with the name Choo Ye Lim (추예림), and then did few psychological tests. As a result, they would have some sort of statistics. They did this for the most common names (probably). Although my name is one of the not-the-most-common names due to my unique surname, they had my brain map.

So to start off, I can already see that sadness is quite small, and that it occupies like 0.0001% of my brain. I guess I am destined to be a happy girl. Everybody, including all my teachers, friends, cousins, and even like people on the supermarket counter, have complimented that I look very happy. Honestly, there is nothing that I should be sad about. What do I not have that makes my life so intolerable? At the most, I suffer from the evil grading systems, but that was my choice. I chose to go to school. If I suddenly decided to drop out of school right this moment, I can. So, I have nothing to say for my choice.
I can clearly see that I’m very fatigued. I’m constantly drowsy, and in need of relaxation. I personally think that this is an effect shown due to genetics. How awesome is to have a similar hobby with your father? We love to sleep. We are constantly tired, although we might have slept like 17 hours straight. My dad always accuses his mom for this one. All Choo people are in need of relaxation, I guess.

I don’t understand why I have lot of secrets. I really don’t have my secrets in my head. Usually, people talk to me about their secrets, and their concerns. They tell me what’s hot these days, and make sure that I don’t tell anyone. I’m like the secret bank, and the mom of freshman, because I never tell secrets to anyone. Some people might have already noticed by now that I’m usually the listener when it comes to open-your-secrets-time. People should respect other’s privacy, and therefore they should not share with the public. It is essential to keep trust between people when it comes to building relations.
Indeed, I am very sociable, and I care A LOT about human relations. I think our life goal is to build good human relationships. We study to improve ourselves, and to be a better person. Better person would make wiser choices in the courses of their life (although it’s not guaranteed, but it is most likely). We marry, and have children. This is why we live. We have fun with people, and we don’t feel lonely with them. Hence, we can sense the spirit of life in a crowd.

This piece of picture really inspired me at that moment. All these thoughts were crisscrossing in my head. I was able to look back what my priorities were, and why I lived, and what I lived for. Since I trusted this game so fervently, I tried other people’s names as well. Sometimes they surprised me, but I was always aware that this was only a game – a game that is so real.


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