A Lot to Learn From Anna

May 31, 2010

It’s quiet extraordinary to regard my pet, Anna, as an inspiration, but I would like to say that she really does inspire me. She is so distinctive, and true to herself. She never tries to deceive anyone; she is fine as long as she gets her necessities. Her emotions are always easy to tell, because she directly communicates through her motions. She does not think what other people would think about her. Her naivete, bravery to do what she wishes to do, and simplistic perspective inspires me.

[1st and 2nd pictures] If she is tired or hot after a walk, she goes straight to the table, where it’s made out of glass. I can tell that she needs to cool her off, and I shouldn’t bother her theraphy. [3rd and 4th pictures] She builds her own “zone” to stay warm. It was the day when heating system was out of order; she stayed warm by creating a mini-home. [5th and 6th pictures] She is loyal to anybody who has food. She never tries to get on a diet; she is happy to eat anything, and does not act picky about the menu. [7th and 8th pictures] I know that she likes soft blankets, and even if the space isn’t enough, she likes to stay on top of a soft textured area. [last picture]I can also tell when she is bored… : )


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