R. U. L. E. S.

May 31, 2010

It has been long since I heard the speech from Mr. Otis, our associate principle. He is the BIG manager of the students; he’s in charge of disciplinary actions. Our school has a book of rules, and the list of consequences according to the severity of the action. As a result, students are neither free nor independent. I’m not trying to criticize the rules in place; I’m concerned more with the true learning. Because of the strict system, and students are unable to make decisions by themselves.

In the speech that Mr. Otis delivered (not to mention its amazing quality) in March, I was sitting in rapt silence by the end. I did not notice how much he cared for the students, and I fervently wanted to contribute to the discussion, but unfortunately, we ran out of time. He was wondering whether there were issues going around that teachers had no idea about. Without hesitation, I wanted to shout, “of course” but another student said, “no.” I think the main problem is the rules.

Rules. What is the purpose of rules? They are the devilish guidelines that allow students to mature in certain fashion ONLY. I disagree with the very invention of rules. For example, students turn in their papers because he/she made a promise with the teacher to summit in a certain date. If one fail his/her teacher, it is right for the student to feel bad for not keeping the promise. However, if the student does not realize that he/she has broken the promise, and only notices that he/she broke the rule, then there is no lesson learnt from this mistake. Rules thwart one from realizing the true mistake. Once again, I want to ask what the purpose of the rules is. Is it merely to create a disciplined adult?


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