Are You Ready For A Ride?

May 31, 2010

It’s quiet surprising to watch an ordinary soap opera, or a TV show these days, because they have changed, or maybe I changed. Previously, I thought of them as a cheap programs to watch. I did not find it entertaining or inspiring. It was always my brother who used to say, “don’t judge a TV show by a glimpse.” (I could tell that his quote was adapted from “don’t judge a book by its cover.”) Anyway, he was right. These days, TV shows aren’t what they used to be.

Their ultimate aim is not only entertainment, but also to act as an inspiration. There are a lot of programs that approach to the collapsing ecosystem with lessons intertwined. I’ve also noticed that some programs even lecture about life.

“Qualities of Men – 101 things to do before one dies.”

It’s a program that I recently started to enjoy. Seven men get together to complete 101 things a men should do before one dies. Last week, each men delivered lectures about life.

Out of the seven inspiring speeches, I’ve selected the best one.

Kim Gook Jin prepared the most inspiring speech; he said, “Life is like riding on a roller coaster.” He probably got this idea from his own life – one that fluctuated a lot. His life story could have been boring, and mundane, for everybody experience failures, but his story was different. He was like the one to break the records, wipe out all the awards, and sway the public. There seemed to be absolutely NOTHING that could bring him down. Then soon with a weary and trembling voice, he introduced a new phase of his life. He could not resist the tears running down his red cheeks, when he recalled the hard times. But, oddly enough, he said that he had never thought of those times difficult. Because he knew the faster he hit the bottom, he was going to rise to the top in the same speed. As soon as his tears were apparent, the students in the lecture hall, clapped to encourage him. It was just too engaging, that I cried in front of the TV. He was crying, yet he looked bigger, and stronger than ever. How is this possible?

He is right. Life is like riding on an anonymous rollercoaster. If one is scared of descending the rail, then one will not rise up to a higher peak. We know that we are going to fail again at some point; we are going to taste the bitterness of life again; we are going to cry for help, but after a failure, we’re always going to rise up to a higher point. The lower we go down, the higher we will rise. The faster we go down, the faster we will come up. So, he said, “I’m not scared of descending anymore.”

On top of this, he said we should never be afraid of falling, because roller coasters have seat belts. The prevent a person from getting injured. Now that I think about it, I think there is no reason to be scared of anything, because I have my seat belt on, and I’m already riding on it. There is no turning back.

Surprisingly, he is not the only person who thought of this more-or-less philosophy. I’ve found a blog post called,

“Why life is all about the downs – what the rollercoaster analogy really means!”

Here, the author states that people don’t ride roller coasters for the fun of going up; we ride them to enjoy the thrilling moment of falling. This is absolutely true, since people ride roller coasters to get that sweet feeling of going down. The process of going up is just to prepare to fall down. This is an interesting insight, and I do agree that life functions in a similar fashion. Personally, I try by best at all times, and I’m highly motivated to learn for my good. I ask questions not only because the material is confusing, but also because I want to know more than what I know. All these processes, if you think about it, is to test my capability. I’m not sure what my limit is; or, do I even have a limit? I’m constantly trying on me to test what how far I can go. This is the thrilling moment, because I never know when I will fall due to going beyond my capabilities. Also, falling should be fun in theory, because that is when you learn your mistakes, and get a new chance, new start.

Another video from a man has this theme of roller coaster. There are numbers comparisons that he lists in the video, but I think the more catchy one was “it’s always never long enough.” People often ride it twice because the roller coasters are too short. It seems like a long way, but it’s actually shorter than one thinks. I totally agree with that idea, because I cannot believe that I’m already a rising sophomore. I still remember my first day in KIS, and my first day in middle school. It is so clear in my head that it seems like yesterday. My school years went by in a split second. I wonder how the railways, that are ahead of me, are designed. This is another exciting part of roller coaster; you can’t predict what’s ahead of you.


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