December 11, 2010

Advanced Placement Biology F block.

I have the fifth AP Bio exam of the year on Monday. It was scheduled on Thursday, which is the same day as my Gecon (G block economy) debate, but because of my unexpected injury, I had to schedule a different date. Our exam covers DNA replication and protein synthesis, mainly, and so I would like to introduce major proteins that are involved in the processes.

Q: Why am I listing them?

A: I need these proteins in my life.

I know you have no idea where I’m heading to, but just be patient and read the list. You’ll understand what I mean.

  • Helicase: a protein that unwinds parental double helix at replication forks

The keyword is “unwinds.” It can open up a site where the replication can take place. If I were to have helicase with me, I would unwind problems instantaneously and be able to solve conflicts in a matter of split second. However, let us face the reality. It will always take effort to work out a problem; that is just the way life works.

  • Single-stranded binding protein: proteins that bind to and stabilize single-stranded DNA until it can be used as a template.

You never know what is ahead of you, and that is one of my greatest fears. Every time I have a big event coming up, I have a bad habit of thinking “what if” questions. If only this single-stranded binding protein kept me strong all the time, I would have been strong all the time throughout my life; never repenting, never doubting.

** Also, if only this protein stabilized my knee on Wednesday night, I would be running around shooting balls… and walking with two legs.

  • DNA ligase: a protein that joins Okazaki fragments

Sometimes, my brain falls apart. In other words, I lack a coherent map of my psychology. Ideas and thoughts and oral delivery skills never coordinate properly. If DNA ligase were to connect my ideas and thoughts, I might be the best thinker of this century. Ha!

  • DNA polymerase III: it covalently adds complementary nucleotides

I don’t need this, because I am the DNA polymerase of my life. I do the work, and I create, and I design my future. If there were to be another Carol, then that would be detrimental to my life, because I’m guessing we will never reconcile. EVER.

  • Spliceosome: it cuts out introns and joins exons

I wonder how my brain is able to carry all the unnecessary thoughts on top of important messages and memories. Spliceosome should cut out all the unnecessary, perhaps harmful, thoughts out of my brain and leave it clean with only vital things. I need you, spliceosome…

As I was writing this list, I came to think of more AP Bio terminologies that I need in my life, but if I start rambling about them, I might degrade my self-esteem to a point where it’s impossible to recover. I’m a great person, and so I should be more appreciative of what I am already given!


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