Hey, husband

December 11, 2010

As I wrote in my previous blog post, I have a lot of unnecessary, rambling thoughts in my head. One of them is about my future: who will be my husband? What is he doing right now at this moment as I’m writing a blog post? Just in case, he might be able to see this, I will write “An Introduction To Your Wife Letter.”

Dear my love,

I’m a picky person as you probably know.

I am allergic to fake metallic accessories, and so you need to buy me only authentic jewelries.

That is why I almost only wear dresses and leggings; jeans have metallic buttons that give me skin irritation.

I am also allergic to numerous medical balms; make sure to check the composition of each products.

I don’t like coats with rough textures; they irritate me to death. Personally, I prefer duck or rabbit fur : ) They are fluffy and warm – the perfect combination for winter in Seoul.

I like to use hand cream, but I only use one product: Missha Manuka Moisture cream. DO NOT buy me a hand cream; I might just give it to my dog.

I don’t eat pizza, oilly pasta, Chinese black noodles, french fries, chicken nuggets, fried sandwiches, spicy meat/noodles, and other junk/fast foods. My digestive system is very sensitive to those foods, so make sure to reserve restaurants that are appropriate to my diet.

I like to wear dresses regardless of the weather; I almost have no choice but to wear dresses. However, this does not mean that I consider myself a princess. You know, I am type of girl who rips her ACL playing basketball.

I also hate repeating my words. GET my instructions right the first time, and do not forget anything that I ask you to do. For instance, my mom cannot coordinate her thoughts well in the morning, and usually forgets whatever I ask her to do for that day. This disturbed me ever since I learned how to speak.

I like orange roses, and blue roses; I think plain red roses are too cliched. I also like white dolls, animal dolls, and other stuffy dolls. No pressure. You don’t have to get me more. I already have plenty. I am very slow with music updates, and so I want you to update my ipod, but don’t select songs that will wake me up in the middle of sleep.

This is me, your love : )

From. Carol C.


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