Namaskara India,

December 11, 2010

Habitat for Humanity

Pre Habitat:
Namaskara India.
Our family has always been more interested in visiting Europe or other developed countries just because we were not used to “playing with mud.”

+“playing with mud?”
feeling the Earth…

Since 1994, my birth year, I have never listened to what the nature wanted me to do; my convenience – that’s what counts the most. That was my initial response to Mr. J’s

“Carol, you can go to India with us.”

+“With us?”
being a part…

I know what I want to do, but do I know what others want me to do? I have never tried to ponder about what other people might want me to do; not even when I was in a group. I was always on the front, as a leader, not listening to the members.

+“listening to the members.”
knowing what they feel…

Oral speech is not the only medium to communicate. Why in the world did I not know how to utilize my facial expressions, body languages, and postures? The effective communication is not done orally, but mentally, through every movement of my parts.

+“my parts”
created for use…

I can move my parts. It’s not the question of prettiness. I am gifted to have all four limbs. Ignorant about what materialistic wealth I had; Ignorant about what I have as a person. I have my family; nothing can be more valuable than a healthy, living, loving family.

+“loving family”
kindred spirits…

Dhanyavadagallu (Thank you) BBonuma and Saagare. You were my family in India. The place where I have never even thought about visiting, but turned out to be the most memorable place. Above all the great arts in Italy, natural scenery in Norway, sumptuous dinner in France, I love India the most. Not just because it’s different, but because it’s teaching.


I have nothing to write. Because I have not learned enough about you, India. I know once I revisit you, you will once again throw me into the wilderness of life. Confound me and leave me to figure out what matters the most in my life, and how to express my warmth and love. How I need to be more appreciative of what I have.

+“appreciative of what I have”

But, you know, you have way more than I do. Tears ran down my cheeks when I had to say punaha beti aagona to Bbonuma and Saagare. Be good to them until I return. It may take a while, but I left my heart there that I cannot live without.

Finally, I realize I am still missing you, India. Without you, I am just another spoiled girl living luxuriously in South Korea, Seoul.


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