[Intro] Dieter Choo

January 27, 2011

Master. I am the master of diet. The term “diet” commonly refers to the process of losing weight, more specifically, losing fat. You would be surprised to know that I coached my brother to get him lose nearly 60 kg. He still calls me at least once per day to get his diet plan checked, even when he is currently in military base. That proves my mastery.

I, myself plunged into the world of diet at 12 (yes, that is very young.) So, this is my 5th year of diet. Oh no, 6th year because my birthday passed. Anyhow, I began diet with a simple goal: let’s lose weight, and indeed, I did. I lost around 14kg while growing 10cm. But now that I look back at my diet schedule, there are so many flaws that it’s not even funny. I should admit that I was pretty lucky that I didn’t faint, and so in order to prevent anyone who might repeat the same mistake that I made, I pass on my knowledge to the world.

If I ask people the what fastest way to lose weight is, they say “starving” or more commonly “exercising.” Of course exercising is good for your body, but it is not the best way to lose weight especially for girls at my age. There were several experiments done by universities in Korea, Japan, and US that exercising is not the best way to lose weight, UNLESS you continue that same amount of exercise through out your entire life. So, imagine yourself working out two hours everyday at age of 60. Ew. That is quite tiring. Let’s stop there.

Diet cannot end. Once you start exercising, there is no way you can stop and remain skinny. You need to brush up your life style. Yes. that is the fastest way to lose weight: changing your lifestyle.

You can ask any of my friends what I usually eat. Some people ask if I’m vegetarian. No, but yes. I’m not vegetarian, I’m anti-flourian. I don’t eat any food that contains flour as the base ingredient. I will explain why in later posts. There are certain food that I eat and I never eat. When I say “never,” I mean NEVER.

Diet is a life-long assignment; let’s call it a project. It will not end, but it will become a part of you. Until then, you need to force your lifestyle to change, so that your body can adapt to it. So let’s begin our lesson!


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