Eat more, exercise less

February 10, 2011

You may be one of those people who spent hours searching for diet tips and realized that many of diet plans are impractical. I was one of them when I just embarked on my diet journey. Really, those tips narrow down to one theme: “Eat less, exercise more.” It might be a common sense that people should burn more calories than one consumes. However, I suggest the right opposite. THE EXACT OPPOSITE.

Eat more and exercise less.

One reason why people get fat is that one eats food with high calories. It is better to eat a huge bowl of chicken salad than to eat a small piece of chocolate chip cookie. I mean,  it is better to consume more calories from healthy food than to consume less calories from a junk food. You can eat half a burger a day and exercise until you can’t breathe properly or you can eat a full healthy meal and exercise until you feel refreshed. For diet beginners, it is very difficult to limit the food quantity, because eating has always been a pleasurable time. So, I suggest you to not limit the food quantity, but be choosy about your menu. Here is the reason why you should not limit the amount of food.

For list of foods that you should eat and you should not eat, I will not list them because if I list them, you are going to be stressed about what to eat and not eat. And stress is one of the major factors you want to avoid during diet days because it causes negative hormonal changes.

BUT there is one food I would like to keep you off of. That is food with flour as the base ingredient. I cannot stress the importance of keeping off of flour based food. It is worse than a chocolate bar, a donut, a burger, and any other fatty food you can think of. Flour is composed of 100% glucose, which causes your blood-sugar level to skyrocket. When it skyrockets, the glucose that has not been used eventually becomes fat. Try to avoid all flour based food. Please.

Now that I gave you slightest glimpse of how to eat properly, I should tell you to exercise. WRONG. You should not “exercise.” You should “move.” Honestly, exercising is hard and long and boring. People have tendency to avoid things that are not enjoyable, but they still do it because they know that it is good for them in the long run. Now, how long will that determination last? I say, about one month- no more than that. In order to do a diet, you shouldn’t do an exercise that bores you or tires you.

Instead, try to move a lot during day time. I usually walk up stairs, walk two or three bus stations, go shopping, or even dance. These small changes in your life can lead to successful diet. Trust me.


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