March 3, 2011

I should take a break from giving lessons, and give you a glimpse of my new diet plan. Spring is approaching soon, and summer comes next. That means, clothes are thinner, and tighter, showing the truth of my body lines. That is indeed tragic, or it may be good news for those of you with gifted body.

Since I’m not gifted in any shape or form, I need to work to “look” gifted. I guess I’m still healthy, so I’m gifted in that sense. I’m in a different situation from many of the girls, because I have been dieting for so long that my body is immune to losing weight. Its resistance is greater than anybody else, and so I need to be extra careful with my plan. I have tried almost every single method of diets, and I have more diet books than (my mother language) Korean books. That’s partially because I don’t read Korean books that fast, and I’m more comfortable reading English books, but anyhow I’m starting to run out of resources.

Out of all the types of diet, the ones that actually worked were only few. Some of them were intentional, others not. For this time, I have created my own plan, independent from scheduled plans online or in books. I merged three to four different methods in which were successful.
They are:

Potato diet
Bicycling diet
Dancing diet
Lower body bathing diet

These are the basic methods, which I’m going to stick to. Of course, guidelines that are too obvious like avoiding oily food and eating healthy are basis.

Potato Diet
I discovered this around sixth grade, and it was totally unintentional. After school, I always looked for snack such as apples or pears. However, because I was fond of fruits, I consumed enormous amount of calories just from those fruits. Without realizing that, I just happened to taste steamed potato one day and it was amazing. With was soft and warm; plus, it made me full very easily. Exactly what I was looking for. So, I started to eat two potatoes for snack every day. The result was awesome. I think I lost at least two kilograms just in a week.

Bicycling Diet
During unintentional potato diet, I liked to go outside and ride bicycle. It was not a hard-core exercise; I rode it for fun. I liked to feel the breeze and feel alive. I think this diet and potato diet synthetically produced the successful result.

Dancing Diet
This one, I am not so sure of the effect, but it is known to burn a lot of calories. Also, it is a great way to release stress. It’s very simple; you dance for 30 min~ 1 hour listening to your favorite dance songs. I like it because this is almost like the only time I can act the way I want to and think about only me.

Lower body bathing Diet
This is especially good for people with thick legs and huge hips, but relatively small upper body. Lower body bathing itself does not burn loads of calories, but it give synergy effect, by allowing smoother blood circulation. This cannot be conducted one week per month, though (for girls). In that case, you can feet bath. That is another good way to raise your body temperature.

Detailed Food plan:
One potato, A cup of Ma+ no fat milk, egg
Two potatoes, fruit (1/4 pear OR 1/2 apple), milk
10 Tofu cubes, water OR
Korean meal with vegetables

30 minutes of bicycling OR
30 minutes of dancing
20 minutes of lower body bath

Now that I look at it, I’m going to eat other healthy food as well. I’m still a growing girl; i think; i hope.


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