Why Not Flour-based Food?

March 31, 2011

I said, “no more cakes for you, honey.”

I should have said, “no more flour-based food for you, honey,” more specifically.

If you cannot manage living like an herbivore for the next month or two, I suggest you an anti-flour diet. This is the basis of all diet plans, because flour does nothing but obstruct you from loosing weight. It promotes your body to release stress hormones, which adds extra weight on you.  I’ll try to limit my words; I don’t want to exhaust you from all this scientific diet knowledge. Enjoy.


On top of various addictions floating around the world, one of the major one is the carb-addiction. It is when one cannot stop consuming carb-high food such as muffins. I don’t want to explain the science of it, but you should know that when you take a bite of a muffin, you want another bite, and then another. All of a sudden, you realize that you finished an entire muffin by yourself. Flour-based food causes most of the carb-addiction, which naturally leads one to consume more calories than needed. First step is to not take that first bite. Stop it right there.

TOO much Copper (Cu)

In your body, magnesium, calcium, and other vitamins are essential when you limit your food choices. Unless your cells get enough minerals and vitamins, they will be in desperate need of them all the time. Once you leave the cell in that “hungry” state for too long, they start refusing and break the hormonal balance. Flour-based food contains a great deal amount of copper, which is an element that WIPES OUT all other essential minerals and vitamins, creating a “pseudo-hungry” state for the cells. So, if you eat fresh vegetable, and then a piece of bread, those vegetables will have no positive effect on your body. Thanks to you, copper.

GI level

One piece of bread can instantaneously raise your blood sugar level way over the standard level. Once it goes over a critical point, it signals the body that it is too much. This then causes a sudden release of insulin. Insulin will immediately convert the excessive sugar in blood to glycogen and store them, subsequently reducing the blood sugar level lower than the optimal range. This is when you feel hungry all of a sudden. Hunger will get more and more intense, and make you eat, when your body really doesn’t need that extra calories. Excess is fat.

Usually high in calories

Flour-based food doesn’t only come in pure 100% flour products. They are usually made tasty with additional butter, salt, and sugar. Butter is a typical example of a saturated fat; it stacks up tightly and nicely on to your fat layers. Consumption of excess salt will cause the osmotic balance to be broken, making your body to consume excess water, and letting your body KEEP IT. This may or may not, depending on your future meals, become fat. Sugar. Do I even have to explain it? It’s pretty self-explanatory that it’s fattening. All these fat-builders come with flour-based food. I repeat: “fat builders.”

No nutritional value

On top of copper, which wipes out the essential minerals and vitamins, flour has no nutritional value. When you are limiting food during diet, it is important to consume nutritionally rich food to maintain the hormonal balance. You need vitamin A, B, C, E, iron, calcium, magnesium, omega 3, and omega 9 fats. Vitamins function as cofactors during digestion, and some vitamins, like Vitamin E, relieve stress. Calcium and magnesium is crucial during muscle contraction.  All are essential to our body, but flour contains none. When you are eating flour-based food, you are eating nothing for your body. NOTHING.

It’s your choice. Remember, brain cells die, but fat cells don’t.


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