Emergency: Bread Is Right In Front of MOI

May 20, 2011

I told you not to be friends with flour-based food. But, it is inevitable that you will encounter bread every so often. Then the question is how can I eat bread, but still stick to Carol’s diet plans?

Well, let’s first ask ourselves this: would the sweet part of bread be more fattening or would the bread part be more fattening?

Most people will “assume” that it is the former one, but they are wrong. You need to get rid of the idea that certain food are fattening because it’s sweet.

Glucose is not sweet. However, it’s the extra glucose we consume that is converted into fats. In fact, the sweetest sugar, fructose, does not make you gain weight as much as glucose does. Now then, that means we have to think that certain food products are fattening because it contains a lot  of glucose, not because they are sweet.

Keeping this in mind, try tasting flour. Pure flour is not sweet at all. It is made up of starch, which is chain of glucose. Also, flour includes various chemicals that weakens our immune system, later developing the fattening FTO gene.

So if you really need to eat that piece of bread, even knowing these facts, eat with vegetables. Fresh vegetable such as lettuce, sesame leaf, paprika, and cabbage can help excrete the chemicals and some of the excess glucose.

I don’t know how many times I have reinforce the idea that vegetables are what your body truly wants. A balanced diet will not only make you happy because you will see the numerical changes, but also make your internal organs happy. It is less stress on them when you eat vegetables. Humans are not carnivores, nor are we flourivores (That’s not a word. Don’t use it in the future, but you know what type of people it is referring to).


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