Lifestyle Diet: Have You Ever Heard of That?

May 22, 2011

You know that you shouldn’t starve while on a diet.
If you didn’t know that, you need to go read my previous blogs.

“Starving diet is not permitted.” from this point on.

In general, people who gain weight easily eat meals irregularly. In the morning, they would just skip a meal and then at dinner time eat until they feel like their stomach is on the verge of ripping. This irregular lifestyle is the short cut to being overweight. When you eat more than you need to, the stomach size eventually expand. That subsequently leads people to eat more than usual. Therefore, it is important to eat all three meals at a regular time, to set our “body clock.”

When the “body clock” is out of time, then between meals, our body turns to an emergency mode, and try to accumulate as much “energy” as possible. Fat, that is. On the other hand, if we get the meals at regular interval, then the body uses most of the consumed energy.

“Chew at least thirty times before you swallow.”

Our body is indeed smart. But, at times, it needs some time to process. From the moment food enters your body, it takes at least good twenty minutes for your body to feel “full.” When that “full” signal is received, then that is when you stop eating, normally.  However, in order for this to happen you need to give that twenty minutes for the processing. If it goes below that time, you will consume more than you need to because that “full” signal has not been released, yet.

Also, if you eat fast, the glucose level and neutral fat increases exponentially, making you gain that extra weight. Therefore, taking time while eating is crucial for a successful diet. Taste that every texture of the food you take in, and enjoy the eating time, because diet shouldn’t be too pain in the neck.

That’s another point I would like to point out in this post. Lifestyle diet is something that should be incorporated in to your life. It shouldn’t be painful to eat three meals a day instead of two huge meals, nor should it be hard to chew that extra ten times. Dieting take effort, but remember that it is for your own good.

Every time I had hard time with diet, my mom used to tell me to let it go. What she actually meant was, “Carol, let your body do it.” Sometimes, your body is smarter than your logical thinking and consciousness. Once you get the habit of the lifestyle diet, your body will do it.

Good luck.


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