Exercise to death VS Get Vitamin

June 3, 2011

For its extensive usages, vitamins are often incorporated in health drinks, or more like the so called “health” drinks. Among all the types of vitamins, Vitamin C is hands down the most popular type. It is widely known for brightening skin tone, reducing freckle and generally making the skin smoother and softer. (I’m guessing that’s exaggerated as the words were passed on.)

According to the department of food and nutrition in Korea University, over 28% of body fat of 71 college students was reduced over the course of eight weeks just by taking in vitamin C. They were not under any pressure to work out intensively, nor eat less than usual. Overall, in that experiment, the participants lost 0.9 kg of body fat on average.

Now on to the chemistry of this magical experiment.

Vitamin C acts as a mean to change the fat energy into usable energy. That is, it aids in the break down of stored fat. In fact, people who take vitamin C regularly have 30% faster fat metabolism compared to those people who do not consume as much vitamin C.
Why is fat metabolism important?

If the fat metabolism is faster, then one does not necessarily have to work out strenuously to burn fat. As one is breathing and carrying on the normal daily routines, the body naturally burns more calories. How great is that.

In addition, consuming vitamin C can reduce stress levels because it blocks the release of stress hormones. Then, this leads to another benefit. Fat cells forming due to the stress hormone will not be produced as much, and keep one’s body slim. Therefore, it is vital to eat vegetables and take vitamin pills for supplementary source.

NOTICE, that I said “eat vegetables,” not “fruits.”

Not only do fruits include high level of sugar (fructose, that is), but they also don’t have as much vitamins. People naturally associate the sour taste of fruit with vitamin C, but in nature, vitamin C is actually bitter. Therefore, green vegetables that have received enough sun light have more vitamins than most of the fruits. Another interesting fact is that green vegetables have, on average, four times the amount of vitamin C in fruits. For   busy contemporary career men and women, there are vitamin pills, but it is better to consume from raw vegetables.

Vitamin is important.
Diet is not losing weight, it’s restoring health.

How to cook?


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