I have to admit that Japan, despite its land size, is small. I thought I was in a miniature world. The amount of food they serve, size of a typical bus, size of the people were all tiny! I had a prior knowledge that Japan likes small materials, and that Japanese are relatively short (not to mention that they are skinny as well.) Nonetheless, I was surprised to witness it myself. Compared to Korean dishes, their meals are tiny. I’m not a person who craves for food every moment, but I ravenous all the time in Japan. I usually leave some food in Korea, because they give you more than enough quantities of food. However, I was very eco-friendly in Japan; I even ate food that was not my calling. It was a fairly tough experience, but I got over with it.

Do you see the picture below? That is a BUS.

I recalled a moment when there was no body in a subway train in Korea. It was so huge that I took a tour, and gazed at advertisements on the wall. In Japan, subway aisles are narrow as they can be, which challenged me to walk with my luggage. And same with the buses. I wonder how many people could fit there.

People were small, and as a result, their shoes were tiny. I had to buy a birthday present for my friend, and he’s feet were 295mm big. I thought it was huge, but Korea usually has that size. And especially, if it’s a sports wear company, they even have sizes that are bigger than 295. Only to find out: none. In Japan, they don’t even make shoes that are bigger than 285. Just as their products, Japanese people are usually shorter, and skinnier than Koreans. Is that why they are one of the countries with the longest lifespan? Another question is posed.


Am I in Japan?

February 24, 2010

Lunar New Year break is student’s only savior in the midst of February. I hated how it was scheduled this time; some days overlapped with weekends. Urgh. Regardless, we had almost a week off. I guess that suffices my greed, because it was enough time for me to go to Yokohama, and Tokyo. Usually, when I travel, I try to look for differences, culture, and general population’s attitudes. To be frank, those are some exciting factors to look at when you are traveling! But, for this time, I was rather surprised. One, I talked to this girl, and she said she likes Big Bang. Two, there are Korean celebrity pictures everywhere. Three, they sell Korean products.

When I travel, I look for foreign friends, and it’s just me who tries to make friends. My mother is an expert at talking to people in a friendly voice. I think our family members are innately friendly to people. So, to make use of my gifted skill, I talked to a girl, who looked just about my age. Although we did not have the same mother language, she knew how to speak English, just a little bit. Amongst my tsunami-like questions, there was one question that I received an interesting respond.

“Who’s your favorite celebrity?”

Notice how I did not specify the nationality of her favorite celebrity.


This can be easily translated into “BigBang.”

Although the background music is the Korean version, the video itself consists of BigBang’s performance in Japan.

I was surprised, because an ordinary Japanese girl liked a Korean celebrity. This is a type of answer I would get from Korean teenaged girls. With a bit of bewilderment, I had to leave her. Then, I came across an advertisement with Korean celebrity on it. They probably don’t know how to speak Japanese, yet they are working for a Japanese company (or some other organizations). I took a step further, and ask my self: WHY would they want a Korean celebrity as their models? The answer was simple. Attractive Korean celebrities already occupied Japanese celebrity market, and hence, they favored to use Korean over Japanese. I have seldom heard of Korean wave (한류열풍), and that it is sweeping Japan, but it was simply amazing to experience it.

My family moved on to a different place, as we never like to stay at one place. This time we went to China Town. It was awesome to see “China” in Japan. A bit of ironical situation, but it was enjoyable. When we got through my shopping, we saw a huge market that resembled E-mart. Simply out of curiosity, we went in, and there I saw a Korean product. Rather than surprise, I knew precisely why it was there. Korean wave is sweeping Japan, and I think it is not limited to Japan. It will soon sweep the world; just wait until you see it, and gasp.

These are some pictures that I took from Japan trip. Some are self-centered, for I love taking pictures. It leaves reminiscences. Sometimes, it is more enjoyable to look back in to past; future is also unpredictable, but past is always there for me. It’s like my old friend.